Lyophilisators – VCVDL series

According to your needs we design (CAD model) and manufacture optimal dryer unit (made of stainless steel or Nickel Alloy C22) for your application. We produce and supply the entire integrated dryer systems with supporting equipment and software (HCU, pumps, sensors, SCADA, custom GUI …).

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Lyophilisation is traditionally carried out in tray-type freeze dryers – approach which is not favored because of intensive labour, non-homogeneous particles and a need of post-processing step. With the development of VCVDL we have overcome these problems and developed state-of-the-art machine.

Using our VCVDL offers efficient drying-lyophilisation-high shear mixing processing all-in-one, consequtive and contamination free. This is especially important in pharmaceutical development and production of sterile APIs and final formulation mixtures.

Fully automated vertical cone vacuum dryer – lyophilisator – high-shear mixer enables efficient execution of drying, lyophilisation, high-shear mixing all in one on labarotry, pilot and industrial scale.

VCVDL series

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