Gasification and pyrolysis reactors

CPPE designs two main types of gasification reactors:

– Fixed bed downdraft reactor used primarily for wood chips reforming and for micro cogeneration systems. Secondary option is continuous biochar production for various purposes. Mass flow of wood chips in this reactor are between 25 and 60 kg/hr.
– Double Circulating Fluidized bed reactor for thermal catalytic reforming of multiple organic solid fuels such as wood waste, residual solid fuels, car tyres and coal powder to a syngas with air, oxygen or superheated steam. Syngas is alternative fuel which can be used in various applications such as heat treatment furnaces in steel sector, combined heat and power systems, co-firing systems, etc. Fluidized bed gives us additional advantage of using catalytic bed material and wide size distribution of fuel particles. From powder to larger pieces (aprox. 10 cm). This types of reactors comes in larger sizes from 1 to 20 MW of outlet power.

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