Solids mixing systems

Industrial mixing processes and mixer designs depend on the nature of the materials you need to mix. CPPE has developed a wide range of industrial mixing equipment and mixing technologies for powders, pastes, slurries and liquids.

Bi-conic homogenizer – BCM series
The bi-conic homogenizer BCM, develops a mixture and gently and without shear homogenization process. Mixes solid / solid and solid / liquid, in the form of powder, flakes or granules. It can be also upgraded into a vacuum dryer (BCVD). Because of its characteristic shape and turn a critical speed, you get a homogeneous without using mixture deflector blades or other mechanical devices. Its main application is not intensive mixing, homogenization of lots and in general all those processes that require a soft particle mixing, avoiding broken particles and agglomerates.

Bi-conic homogenizer - BCM series

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