Reactors for polymers

POLY reactor units are made of chemical resistant stainless steel or C22 nickel alloy and surface treated with electropolishing. Reactors can be directly heated with electrical band or plate heaters or with external heating unit by circulating thermal oil through jacket and all elements in connection with media (reactor walls, valves). Reactors POLY can be fully or partially automated with modern control and regulation systems connected to the existing central control systems. The reactors are adapted to the needs of the customer according to the required process parameters.

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General technical specifications:

–  Working temperature ambient to 280°C (higher temperatures on demand)
– Pressure: -1barg to 250 barg (higher pressures on demand)
– Volume: 1L – 1000L (other sizes on demand)
– Heating: Electrical band or plate heater, External heater with thermal-oil
– Measuring: Pressure, temperature, Agitator RPM, …
– Agitator: Vertical, Horizontal

– Jacketed drain and sampling valves
– Additional measuring: agitator torque, flow of inlet/outlet
– Standard inlet connections: nitrogen/air/gas, raw material, solvent, reactants
– Standard outlet connections: drain and sampling valve
– Pressure release valve
– Additional connections: on demand
– Non ATEX or ATEX


Reactors for polymers

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