We design and manufacture a wide range of mixers/agitators for various applications. They are made of chemical resistant stainless steel, C-22 Hastelloy, coated with PTFE or enamel. All products are designed according to customer demands. CPPE makes numerical CFD simulation of mixing process with the stirred tank reactor mixing analysis tool – MixIT, which provides deep insights and prudent solutions to solve scale up and troubleshooting problems. For each product we define performance parameters, such as mixing intensity, power per unit volume, blend time, critical suspension speed, gas hold-up and mass transfer coefficients using industry accepted correlations.

We also design the whole mixing system which is not only mixer/agitator but also sealing system for overpressure reactors with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive. Mixers can either only rotate or can be linearly guided along the axis (verticaly adjusted).


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