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Engineering is our passion and our DNA. Thanks to a craftsman’s spirit and industrial experience, we know how to build your custom solution, from small establishments to large-scale processes.

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We manage projects from beginning to end. At all stages of project, we closely cooperate with our customers. We look for the best solutions, which lead us to successful completion of the project.

Due to high level of expertise, experience and the use of modern software we can manufacture all kinds of technical documents for thermal-energy and process systems, machinery, construction, etc.

Vision and mission

Vision and mission of our company is to become recognized worldwide for its development and manufacturing of innovative and quality custom-made products with high added value for the most demanding costumers. We lead the way from the first presentation of a complex problem to the development of optimal custom solution. CPPE offers all you need in one place. Our complementary partners help us turn your wishes and needs into a product.

Recipients of the second Silver National Award for Innovation

The glass combined reactor-filter-drier with a tilting system is a high-tech product for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The CPPE d.o.o. team has developed its own and highly innovative system of stainless steel-polymer supports that ensure stable clamping and manipulation of fragile glass processing units. The supports do not take up much space, so more space remains available to the user compared to the conventional systems. The central unit is a tilting system used to tilt the glass filter to remove the solid filtrate without coming into contact with the product.

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We aim to constantly invest in development in order to strengthen our brand and promote our products, which are a synonym for quality and technological excellence. We are flexible to the changes in domestic and world market and are thus able to completely customize products to process specialties of our customers. We successfully face modern industrial challenges with knowledge and innovation, ensuring highest quality, competitiveness and regulation adequacy.

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